Who turned out the lights

7:30am – I had just started my Kitchenaid to mix up some poppy seed muffins when everything went dark and quiet. The power went out with that sound that means it’s going to be out for a while. I had 3 ladies coming over for a meeting about our children’s ministry and now there would be no poppy seed muffins and no coffee – tragedy! It so amazing how much we take for granted electricity – even the garage door didn’t work! Mike had to unhook it to get out of the garage. He was also in the shower when the power went out and learned that our new gas water heaters do not keep working when the power is out. All morning the kids kept flipping light switches and Drew was totally confused – he kept wanting to know who turned the lights out in his room. The power come back on at about 9am just before my company arrived so I finished my muffins and we had coffee!!!! You gotta have coffee when it’s 5 degrees outside.

A question for your church

I just read a statement on Tony Morgan’s blog that I think really hits the nail on the head.  He was talking about being the church.  He asked the question, “If your church closed it’s doors tomorrow, would your community even notice?”  Wow, now that is a question for every church out there.  It’s also a question for ourselves.  I just read the first chapter in Craig Groechel’s book Chazown yesterday and it starts at the end – the end of life.  When you look back on your life were you intentional.  Are you intentional in what you do or are you  keeping it on cruise and trying to just make it through another day.  I think Jesus was intentional about every relationship he had and we should strive to be too.  I am so excited about the door God is opening up for Cornerstone – let’s be intentional about everything we do with the sole purpose of leading people to Jesus.  In a few months I hope Galax can say that there would be a big void in the community without Cornerstone.  Check out Tony’s blog – he says it way better that I can.

Misleading Pizza?

Since I spent  most of the day cleaning and organizing the play/school room yesterday (in between warming up snowy kids) we decided to order pizza for dinner.  Pizza Hut is my favorite pizza so I called them and they told me about their 3 medium pizzas for $5 each so that is what I ordered – cheese for the boys, pepperoni for Emma and mushroom for Mike and me.  The pizza that we got is not ‘normal” pizza hut pizza.  We decided it’s frozen pizza that has had topping thrown on it and baked at Pizza Hut.  It wasn’t bad just not what I expected.  On the box it was called Pizza Mia and said “more taste less money”.  I guess it’s discount pizza… 


We had out first snow of the year. About 3 inches fell overnight so the kids got up to a white world this morning. Of course, after what seemed like hours of rounding up gloves, bibs and boots we headed out side for some winter fun. The kids had a blast (Mike included) building a HUGE snowman and throwing snowballs. Luke’s snow tube was a fast ride down the hill. We have a great place to sleigh ride. The kids are big enough now to make it down the big hill, sail through the flat part of the yard and then whiz down to the bottom of the next hill. Here are some pictures. In case you can’t see the details of the snow sculpted masterpiece he has strawberry eyes, a baby carrot nose, coffee bean mouth and of course a VT hat. There is also a picture of the pile of wet snowy clothes that they shed before hot chocolate and Mike and Drew’s cute red noses.

Milk and bread

I have to admit I went to the store and bought milk and bread.  I am forever laughing about everyone rushing to the store as soon as we get a forecast for snow or ice.  It’s like you will not make it through being snowed in if you don’t have milk and bread.  I actually bought the last loaf of bread on the shelf – only hamburger buns and sub rolls left.  I have been sarcastically saying all afternoon “Guess I better go to the store and get some milk and bread”  so when we walked into the store Drew saw a display of little sugary drinks that caught his eye and he said “tan we buy dis” but before I could say no he said “oh, yeah we buying milk and bread”  He did talk me into a box of poptarts – can’t resist those big brown eyes.  So we have milk and bread – but I did forget to get toilet paper:)  

Converstions with a 3 year old

I had just gotten Drew out of the bath tub this evening and he was bundled up in a towel with a big blanket on him warming up while I was doing some ironing (which if you know me is a VERY rare occasion). I was listening to Mike’s sermon from Sunday because I wasn’t in the service on Sunday and I had paused it while I was getting Drew dried off. Here is the conversation

Me – “I’m going to turn the CD on and listen to Daddy preach while you warm up”

Drew – “Daddy is still a preacher – yes or no? (this is Drew’s funny way of asking a question)

Me – “Yes, Daddy is still a preacher”

Drew – “Oh, me thought him not a preacher”

Me – “He is not an engineer anymore – but he is still a preacher”

Drew – “But preachers hate Guitar Hero. Daddy plays Guitar Hero”

I have no idea where he came up with this one but it gave me a laugh while I was ironing.
I think that maybe I shouldn’t be a preacher wife because I hate ironing and preachers wives have to iron alot!

Get organized

Always with the new year I think  -“It’s time to get organized”.  We are 15 days into 08 and I still haven’t gotten organized but here is a cool website to get me started.  Check it out for all kinds of storage and organizing products.

Road Rage

I had something crazy happen on the way home from church today.  I came up on a truck going REALLY slow and I changed lanes into the fast lane to go around him – at about the same time he decided to switch lanes and came over to my side and almost hit me!  I didn’t beep or make any obscene gestures just went about my business – he on the other hand must not have liked the idea of me passing him so he almost came out of his seat shaking his fist at me and showing me his middle finger.  I ignored him until I noticed he was getting really close to my rear bumper and I could see from my rear view mirror that his face was glowing red.  He stayed right behind me and made every turn that I did.  I began thinking –“is he following me”.  As I got closer to my neighborhood I realized he was following me.  We were having a lunch meeting with a few people at our house and I noticed that Shane was behind the man who was following me and on his way to our house so I picked up my phone and started to call Shane and tell him what was going on.  I don’t know if the guy saw me on my phone and was afraid I was calling the cops or if he chickened out but anyway he stopped and turned around.  It’s sad that something so silly can cause someone to get so out of sorts.  

The best of both worlds?

Since we have a nine year old girl in the house – Hannah Montana is a household name. I find it crazy the big deal the media is making about the body double thing. If you haven’t heard Hannah got “caught” using a body double for about 30 seconds of her show so that she could change clothes. One report even called it a “scandal”. Sweet niblets it’s show business! Give the girl a break.