I’ve been tagged

My blogging friend, Ainsley, tagged me so here goes . . .

These are the rules . ..
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2. Write 6 random things about yourself.
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Here are 6 random things about me . . .

1. I really hate feet. They are very functional and I am glad I have some but I just don’t like to touch other peoples. I think that being a podiatrist or working in a shoe store would be awful. The only cute feet – are baby feet.

2. I love to cook pretty much anything. Mexican is my favorite and I put cilantro and mushrooms in everything.

3. One of my favorite dates with my husband is riding bikes on the New River Trail and then having dinner on the deck at Bogeys. I love being outdoors.

4. I always want to move everywhere I visit. I like to go to new places and it’s not that I am discontent in Galax – I just like visiting other cities and I am a little irrational at times. There have only been a few places that I have said I wouldn’t want to live – I won’t tell you those because I don’t want to hurt your feelings if you live there:)

5. An embarrassing moment: While I was in college at Virginia Tech I was running across the road to get to a meeting and twisted my ankle and fell right in front of a HUGE Blacksburg Transit bus. It was almost dark and thank God the driver saw me and stopped. He opened the door and asked if I was OK as I hobbled, humiliated to my meeting.

6. When I was a kids I wanted to be a waitress when I grew up. My Granny worked part time in a restaurant and she would bring me home little order pads so I would take everyones order for hours.

Okay Boni, Jenny, Holly, Misty, Katy, and Sonda – you’re it.

Stuff to do this fall

Now that the air is crisp and the weather is cooler it’s time to start making plans for fall fun. Here is a website that can give you some ideas.
(this picture was taken off my front porch in October 2004)

In Virginia check out You’ll love autumn in Virginia

Since gas prices are crazy some of the North Carolina stuff might be closer to home

Also – you gotta check out Groovin’ on Grayson Friday night – last chance this summer to check it out. Cornerstone will be there doing kids activities.

USS Yorktown

Here we are being tourists. We have been to Charleston a lot but had never toured the aircraft carrier – I must admit – pretty impressive and educational. It gives you a better appreciation for our soldiers and thankfulness for our freedom.

My first 5K

It’s official – I have signed up to run in the Lowcountry Race for the Cure at Daniel Island, SC (near Charleston) on October 18th. This will be my first 5K. I have really enjoyed running this summer to get ready for the race and it is for a great cause. My mom was diagnosised with breast cancer at the age of 35. I was only 15 at the time and now see how young she really was – I turned 35 this year! The best part is my mom is running too! It was her idea! She fought her battle with breast cancer with strength and faith and is still here to keep fighting this disease by raising money and awareness. You can check out my personal Race for the Cure page here.

You can also send me your running advice because I have a sore ankle right now. I am hoping it’s just from running in the loose sand at high tide and it will go away soon. I’ll keep you posted.

A few pictures

I have about zero time to wirte but I am going to put up a few pictures of our trip over the next couple of days. Here are a couple from our eco-tour of the inlets around Isle of Palms and Capers island. We had a great time and learned alot about coastal ecosystems.

More pictures

First day of school for my kids
Emma – 4th grade and first year in public school
Luke – 3rd grade and chillin at homeschool with me
Drew – Preschool will never be the same!