The study our small group has been doing and Mike’s sermon on Sunday have really been messing with me on the subject of prayer. I have been to church almost every Sunday of my life and I have been a Christ follower for 22 years and prayer is something that I had never understood clearly. Why would we need to beg God to do something when He already knows what we need and what He is going to do about it. Are we trying to change God’s mind? Are we trying to be like a little kid in the toy isle at Target “please, please, please” until we get what we want or leave screaming our head off because we didn’t. I am coming to see that prayer is for US – not for God. He doesn’t need us to beg Him or change His mind. Mark Batterson said that prayer is like out spiritual antennae. When we pray our radar is up, we are looking for the ways God is going to answer our prayers, put people in our path, and give us strength for each day. Without our antennae up there are so many miracles we miss every day, so many opportunities we pass right by. It’s like when you buy a new car and as soon as you pull off the lot you see a ton of cars just like yours. Until then, you had never noticed it before. Prayer makes us aware of what God is doing around us. Mike challenged our congregation to pray every morning before starting our day. I have done it all three mornings. It has made a difference. I see opportunities I might have missed, I have more joy being with my kids because I see what a blessing they are. It doesn’t make your life perfect. I still had an argument with my husband, spilled milk all over me, have laundry coming out my ears, and tons of other challenges but I know who is in control – and it ain’t me.

Weekend recap

Been a while since I posted – weekends fly by so fast around here!

Things I learned this weekend

– ear pain doesn’t necessarily mean an infection
– hell is probably alot like a crowded doctors office waiting room full of coughing people
– sitting for over an hour without seeing the doctor and leaving because of germ – a – phobia saved me $80 and an unnecessary round of antibiotics – time and prayers work better
– we have the most awesome small group in the world
– chasing lions is better than missing opportunities and living a life of regret and “I wish I woulda . . . ” (check out chase the lion)
– watching a little girl break her leg is a horrible helpless feeling even if you don’t know the little girl
– a lot about prayer (i’ll post more about this later)
– there are so many hurting people out there and one Jesus that has the answer – we HAVE TO get busy!
– my husband is an awesome husband, daddy, pastor and youth pastor all rolled into one – he juggled so many roles this weekend and did a great job with all of them
– I have the cutest kids on the planet
– it makes you feel like someone just handed you 5 million dollars when your kids tell you they love you and you can tell they really mean it. Drew told be yesterday that I was the best mommy in the whole entire world – that is priceless.
– being healthy is a blessing

I should be sipping a nonfat carmel machiatto at Starbuck about now

I was a little bummed today because my friend Stephanie were planning to go to Raleigh today and stay overnight and spend some time with our friend Susan. Susan’s family has the flu and I’m sure she didn’t want company and we didn’t want the flu so we postponed to later in the Spring. I was looking forward to a day with the girls shopping and of course Starbucks. For those of us in small towns without a Starbucks this is the highlight of going out of town – I know it’s sad but true. But God had a way of working it out and I got to spend time with friends here. I took the kids to the library and met Boni there. Drew got to enjoy story time with Ava and Emma and Luke checked out books and played on the computers. After a stop by the grocery store we went to RJ’s for lunch with 3 other friends to celebrate Misty’s birthday. Most of us had our kids in tow (we all homeschool so we don’t get much kidless activity during the day) but we did scatter them out at different tables. Linda even made a cake! We had a great time just talking, laughing and celebrating. So, it may not have been Starbucks with old friends but I am glad not being in Raleigh meant a chance to hang out with friends. Happy Birthday Misty – since I have stopped having birthdays – you’ll catch up with me soon!

Lego mania

You have to check out these pictures over on Goody Blog of Lego creations from a toy fair in New York City. My boys (including my big 34 year old one) are huge star wars fans and Lego builders so they loved these. We saw some similar sculptures in Orlando at the Lego store at Downtown Disney – incredible what these guys can do with Legos. The second link is a sculpture of Indiana Jones – it’s awesome too. Feeling old thinking about Indiana Jones being on the come back. I always thought my parents were so old when they remembered original songs or movies that had been remade. Oh well at least I’m not as old as Harrison Ford.
Star Wars

We finally we had a day back on schedule today with everyone well. I know that there are so many people out there with the flu or stomach bug. Don’t worry spring is coming!! Don’t have a lot of time to write tonight because I’m going to bed but here is a link to Mike’s post with a picture of the boys and their roller coaster.

Here is another video

Here is the video about Eliot that I mentioned in the post below. Mike used the video in his sermon last Sunday at church about suffering. It just reinforces that God is sovereign in ALL situations. It reminds me to see every day as a gift from God. This couple really had perspective about celebrating every day God gave them with their son. You better get some tissues before you watch this one. It’s hard for me to watch because it makes me realize how much I take for granted all the blessings in my life.

Great video

This will really make you think. If you were at Cornerstone on Sunday and saw the video about Elliot and the 99 balloons you will see how God was glorified through that couples testimony and they were in the midst of unimaginable suffering.
(HT to Amanda for the video)

I fought the flu and the flu won

OK – so I guess I got a little overconfident about beating the flu. It hit me yesterday and I pretty much just hung out on the couch. Feeling a little better today but decided to skip WinterJam. Mike and few other adults are taking the teenagers to Greensboro and I am going to stay here and rest and take care of Emma, Luke and Drew. I’ll miss the concerts and hanging out with the teenagers and my hubby. I think when 8pm rolls around tonight and my kids are in bed I’ll be glad I’m curled up with a blanket in a quiet house instead of loud music blaring into my aching head. I’ll put some Barlow Girl on my iPod and pretend that I’m there. . . .

Back to normal?

The blog has been a little quiet over the past few days because we have been battling some type of cold/flu. Mike got the ball rolling last week then Emma started Saturday and Drew Monday and then Luke and I yesterday. Emma and Drew had it the worst with really high fevers, coughs and aches. Emma is still stuffy and tired. Mike, Luke and I got off a little easier. I have eaten an entire bag of Halls Defense Drops. I have had a sore throat and tight chest but no fever and I feel much better today! So try Halls Defense (the ones with Vitamin C, Zinc and Echanacea) if you feel a cold coming on – cause we all know mama’s don’t have time to be sick!