Strolling in high style

Now that my youngest is almost five I don’t use a stroller anymore. When my babies were little I LOVED strollers. I would walk around the mall looking at strollers like a 16 year old in a car lot. During our strolling years we had the convertible stroller the car seat docks into, a couple of umbrella strollers, a double stroller with the car seat dock. a double jog stroller, a single jog stroller, a light weight compact stroller for the Disney trip, and a bike trailer (that converts to a stroller). If you add all those together I still don’t think it touches the price of this high-end celebrity style stroller. The picture above is the Stokke Xplory with the forest accessory packeage. Here is where you can check it out if you have a baby on the way and an extra $1200 laying around:) Glad I’ve kicked my stroller habit.

3 thoughts on “Strolling in high style

  1. It’s getting a bit ridiculous with strollers these days. Can’t say I wouldn’t mind pushing one of these around, though.=)

  2. Hi Jennifer. I don’t know if you remember me or not, but I just recently stumbled onto your blog and wanted you to know that I thoroughly enjoy reading it! We moved about 8 months ago to White Lake, where my husband got a job as band director and also doubles at a local church as music minister. We homeschool our 4 kids and lived in Ennice ~although we were in Galax as much as Ennice. It’s nice to “see” you again and maybe you can catch up on our happenings by checking out our blog….. I hope to hear from you sometime. Blessings,

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