Peach Cobbler

I picked up some fresh white peaches at the local farmers market on Monday. A little while ago I sliced those little guys up, sprinkled them with a little sugar (they really didn’t need much) and did what all good southern girls do – made a peach cobbler. It’s in the oven now and smells soooo good. I will share the recipe. It’s an old one. This is the one my Granny used for all kinds of cobblers. Some people around here call them “sonkers”. I don’t think Granny would mind that I experimented a little. Here is the basic recipe and then I will share my substitutions.

1 stick of butter
1 cup of sugar
1 cup of self rising flour
1 cup of milk
a pint of fruit (sweetened just a tad)

Turn on the oven. Melt a stick of butter in the heating oven in the pan you plan to bake the cobbler. I use a pampered chef square stoneware pan. While the butter is melting mix together the flour, sugar and milk. Pour the batter over the melted butter – do not stir. Pour the fruit over the batter – do not stir. You do want to pour evenly so it’s not all in one big clump in the middle of the pan – but you probably know that.
Stick it in a 350 degree oven for about 45 minutes until the batter has risen to the top and is golden brown.

Here is what I did to modify it a little

I cut the butter down to abouta half a stick (and it was plenty as you can see by the pools of butter in the picture – ok so I can’t get the picture to load – use your imagination

I used buttermilk instead of regular milk. I had to add a splash of regular milk to thin it a little since the buttermilk is thicker that milk. I added a little vanilla floavoring.

The verdict: I like the buttermilk but can’t tell a huge difference. Cutting back on the butter hopefully kept some points off my cholesterol and you can never go wrong with a little vanilla

Obama or Omama

I took Emma to the Pediatrician today for her yearly well visit.  While I was waiting I flipped through Parenting Magazine and saw a contest that struck my fancy.  Parenting Magazine’s Send a Mom to Congress Contest will be sending 51 moms – one from each state and DC – to our nations capitol to connect with other mom’s across the country.  The reason? Moms making a difference in the fight for better schools in America. You can nominate yourself or another mom that is making a difference by going here.  Winners will receive roundtrip airfare and 2 nights accommodations in DC and will attend the Mom Congress at Georgetown University.  Check it out and nominate a mom that is making a difference in our schools.

Upcoming Event at Cornerstone

LPL_Simulcast_2009_horizontal_bannerThis Friday and Saturday Beth Moore will be at Cornerstone – well kind of. We are hosting our first simulcast event. Beth Moore will be teaching in Wisconsin and we will see her live in Galax. Isn’t technology cool. I think we will start seeing more of this kind of event especially with our slacking economy. A simulcast event is more economical for ministries and for those that want to attend. Get your tickets and join us for a great weekend. Event times are 8-10:30pm on Friday night and 9:30am-1pm on Saturday. Doors open 1 hour before and tickets are $10. Hope to see you there.


Just posting this is making me hungry – for food and the beach!
My brother in law – who is a good man for putting up with my little sister – is the executive chef at this amazing restaurant. If you are ever in the Charleston area you gotta give it a try.
Check out this link to Charleston Design Magazine to see the article featuring Bambu. The article starts on page 90.

And Sara – I was just kidding about the putting up with you part – I love you:)

I am here now

Let me know what you think about the new blog.

Today was the last day of school here in Galax.  Emma is out, Luke is finished with homeschooling so SUMMER IS HERE.  I am going to make blogging a part of my summer schedule.  I have lots to share, so I hope you’ll come back.

14 years and counting . . .

I am a day behind but yesterday Mike and I celebrated out 14th anniversary. We have been so blessed beyond what we deserve. Three healthy, active, beautiful children and an amazing marriage that seems so rare these days. It is by far not a perfect marriage, there are no perfect people. We both tend to be selfish, grouchy and impatient some days. I am not always the sweet, respectful wife and Mike is not always the loving, sensitive husband. When the day is done and all our imperfections have risen to the surface we can look back with love and forgiveness knowing that God has put our family together exactly like He planned. I don’t know why God chose me to be his child, or the wife of an amazing man, or mother of 3 blessings but I am so glad he did. As we left Drew’s preschool graduation a couple of weeks ago his teacher told Mike and me that she wished all children had what Drew had -a mom and dad that loved each other and loved Jesus. Even though we don’t get a lot of things right – we have that part right and the rest is left up to Jesus’ grace and forgiveness.

My Blog Has Forgotten Me

So my own blog doesn’t know me – I had to sign in. It has been a while! The pictures above show you why I haven’t blogged in a while. It has to do with 3 precious little angels that call me “taxi lady …uh I mean mama”, a growing church, warmer temperatures that draw me outdoors, the laundry monster that lives in my house, PRAISIN’ IN THE PARK, homeschooling a third grader that really wants the school year to be OVER and probably a little bit of poor time management (i.e. facebook!). Anyway, after much persuasion from my techno savy husband I am picking a new blog theme. Soon you will have the new, improved, aesthetically appealing, updated, well maintained! That is for all 2 of my readers that haven’t forgotten that I have a blog – hi mom!


I am having a really hard time keeping the blog going, but I just had to share a funny moment this morning.

Here is how it went:
I am helping Luke with his school work and we are working on changing singular nouns to plural. He had just learned that f turns to v and then you add es (that’s another blog topic all together – who made up these rules -crazy) Drew walks up and begins listening in
Me talking to Luke: “So what do we do to change wife”
Drew: “Just break up with her”
It took me and Luke a few seconds to catch what he said and we both had to put language arts aside for a few minutes to laugh. I love homeschooling during moments like that. I guess Drew needs a good lesson about lasting forever. I think I’ll make him watch Fireproof.


Easter 2009
I love Easter and the change of seasons. I love the new flowers and green grass. It also makes me a little sad to think about how fast my kids are growing. My boys were both born close to Easter, so I have fond memories of having new babies in the Spring. I also loved dressing Emma in cute little Easter outfits and hats – before she started picking out her own clothes.

The bottom picture was made Sunday before church. The others were Easter 2004 – the one with me in it also includes Drew – it was made about 2 weeks before he was born. I was actually having lots of contractions that Easter morning. Love looking back at all these pictures – it reminds me to enjoy every moment because they pass by so quickly.

Thankful Thursday

It has been FOREVER since I have posted on here. It just hasn’t been on the priority list with being sick, traveling and having my niece and nephew here, but what a better way to get started back with so much to be thankful for at Easter . . .

Today I am thankful for . . .

1 JESUS – I hope I never take for granted how much He loves us. While hearing the story of Jesus at Drew’s preschool party this morning and seeing it through little eyes it helped me bring things into focus.

2 SUNSHINE – after a few days of rain – it feels so good.

3 GROCERIES – not just the blessing of having more than plenty that we always take for granted but that the shopping is done. It has been a chore just to find time to go to the store this week.

4 WONDERFUL KIDS – I don’t have any Easter picture to post yet but maybe by Sunday. Luke face planted the carpet and has some nasty scabs on his nose and face – wanted to wait until that goes away to make a picture – boys:)

5 AMAZING HUSBAND – it’s been a little bit of a rough week for us (see link below) but I have an amazing man that is committed to his family and most importantly Jesus. I am a blessed woman to be on this journey with him.

6 THIS POST – by Holly Furtick that helped me get a little bit of perspective. If you are a pastors wife and you HAVE to read it. If you are not – you still should read it! After clicking on the link scroll down to the post called “Putting up your Dukes”

7 MY CHURCH – I am really looking forward to celebrating Jesus with all of my church family this weekend.

8 GOD WORKING – It is amazing how I am seeing God work in so many ways and bringing so many things together for Praisin in the Park and for Cornerstone. I am reminded that He wants people to come to Him even more than we do.

9 FAMILY – our kids are so blessed to have all of their grandparents close – they have so much fun with them. It was also awesome to have my niece and nephew with us for a few days forming memories with their cousins.