My Blog Has Forgotten Me

So my own blog doesn’t know me – I had to sign in. It has been a while! The pictures above show you why I haven’t blogged in a while. It has to do with 3 precious little angels that call me “taxi lady …uh I mean mama”, a growing church, warmer temperatures that draw me outdoors, the laundry monster that lives in my house, PRAISIN’ IN THE PARK, homeschooling a third grader that really wants the school year to be OVER and probably a little bit of poor time management (i.e. facebook!). Anyway, after much persuasion from my techno savy husband I am picking a new blog theme. Soon you will have the new, improved, aesthetically appealing, updated, well maintained! That is for all 2 of my readers that haven’t forgotten that I have a blog – hi mom!


I am having a really hard time keeping the blog going, but I just had to share a funny moment this morning.

Here is how it went:
I am helping Luke with his school work and we are working on changing singular nouns to plural. He had just learned that f turns to v and then you add es (that’s another blog topic all together – who made up these rules -crazy) Drew walks up and begins listening in
Me talking to Luke: “So what do we do to change wife”
Drew: “Just break up with her”
It took me and Luke a few seconds to catch what he said and we both had to put language arts aside for a few minutes to laugh. I love homeschooling during moments like that. I guess Drew needs a good lesson about lasting forever. I think I’ll make him watch Fireproof.