Do I need a facebook?

I have been thinking about getting a facebook. Is that what you call it “getting” a face book, “starting” a facebook, “creating” a facebook, “being on” facebook, or just “facebooking”. Whatever you call it I can’t decide if I want to spend the time setting it up and keeping it up. I am streched to keep this blog going some weeks. So I guess I am trying to see the benefits of facebook and how much of my time it would take. Tell me what you think. Should I do it? Is it really a good plave to connect with old friends and meet new ones? Would you be my friend? Maybe that’s what it is – I am afraid of rejection and not having any facebook friends!

Thankful Thursday a day late

This weeks Thankful Thursday is not only a day late but also in pictures. I haven’t taken the time to get the pictures off my camera in a while (sometimes those big memory cards can be bad) but I finally did it and thought I would share pictures of what I am thankful for.

Olympic Gold? Maybe not but I’m still a proud mama.

Watch out Michael Phelps!

Cute and knows it.

Dates with my husband that never last long enough.

An afternoon to laugh, relax and get a pedicure with Boni.

Two of my favorite things- early mornings at the beach and teenagers.

Turkeys in my yard this morning – I do love living in the country – even if I do whine about not being at the beach.

Jeans on Sale

Just a little shopping tip. Tomorrow only- select jeans are on sale at Old Navy stores and online. Men and women $12 and kids and baby $7. I am planning to get online and order some jeans for Luke because he has to have slim size jeans and they can be hard to find in the stores sometimes. There is a 3 pair limit per customer. Happy shopping!

Something for nothing

Want a free copy of Mark Batterson’s new book Wild Goose Chase? Check out Mike’s blog and post a comment. Our small group did Chase the Lion (a study of Batterson’s first book “In the Pit with a Lion on a Snowy Day”) and I am sure this book will just as awesome.

Great things about homeschooling

I am doing this post as much for myself as anyone, but hopefully it will be helpful and create some interesting discussion. I have to tell you before I start that Emma and I went to Galax Elementary and signed her up for fourth grade. Not the greatest experience – kinda like getting a drivers license or registering to vote – sterile and not that friendly or informative. I am hoping the open house next week will impress me.
So, the great things about homeschooling:

  • being with your child – I know alot of parents can’t wait to send their kids back to school but I love having my kids around
  • having control over their curriculum to study what intrests them
  • the ability to customize to their learning styles, strengths and weaknesses
  • being able to travel, take field trips and learn outside the classroom
  • being able to go places while everyone else is in school
  • other homeschoolers (this one will also be on my list of things that are not so appealing about homeschool)
  • having my 3 children help each other learn
  • with Mike’s schedule as a pastor homeschooling is better for his schedule because he is busy on weekends and nights and has a little more free time during the week days
  • watching your children learn – seeing the light bulb go off in their little brains is so rewarding
  • less wasted time – kids waste a lot of time at school
  • ability to do more extra activities and sports because they aren’t so tired from a long day at school
  • not getting out to take them to school when it’s cold
  • being able to do school outside in the fall and spring
  • of course, being able to weave God into every learning experience and feeling free to have God as a part of education

So why am I sending her to public school?

Maybe my next post will answer that. Feel free to comment and add to my list.

Starbucks in my kitchen

While Mike and I were in Blacksburg we went to Starbucks (which is actually across the street from the apartment building I lived in while I was in college – it was a TCBY when I was there) and I tried the new Chocolate Banana Vivanno.  It was something different, a change of pace from my normal Grande Java Chip Frapp.  After going to the gym early this morning I was really thinking that I would like a Chocolate Banana Vivanno but the problem is it’s 50 miles to the nearest Starbucks.  I stopped at the grocery store and got some bananas and here is what I came up with.  It was really good – not quiet as healthy as the Starbucks version because I didn’t have protein and fiber powder.  

Put one whole banana (peeled of course) into the blender
Add a little less than a Tablespoon of cocoa powder (more or less depending on how chocolaty you like it)
Add a little sugar ( I used the same amount of sugar as cocoa powder – a little more for Mike’s and the kids – they like it sweeter)
About 3 handfuls of ice cubes ( I have small hands)
about 3/4 cup of Milk ( I used organic skim for mine and 2% for the others)
Blend it up 
Emma isn’t a big fan of bananas so she asked me to make hers with frozen strawberries and it was surprisingly good – kinda of a chocolate covered strawberry taste.  Give it a try and tell me what you think.  

Thankful Thursday

1.  Trip to Blacksburg with my amazing husband.

2.  Having both sets of grandparents in town to take care of our kids while we were gone.  Thanks Grandma and Nini
3.  Fresh green beans from the farmers market that are cooking on my stove.
4.  The sand box in my back yard with new clean sand.
5.  Emma’s creativity
6.  Luke’s sense of humor
7.  Drew’s big dark brown eyes and long eye lashes
8.  A day at home with no where to go.
9.  Hot days and cool nights.
10.  My kids swimming medals and ribbons – pictures coming soon


I am trying to get a head count for our Carowinds trip.  If you want to go post here on my blog, shoot me an email or call me.  It’ll be a great time – one last fun day before it’s back to school.  Cost is $25 for anyone 48 inches or taller, $15 for anyone less than 48 inches and free if your under 3.  Since we are going on a Tuesday (August 19th)  it is great because it’s not crowded like it is on weekends. Kids 7th grade and under need to bring an adult with them.  Teens you can go without an adult. 

Hokie Country

Mike and I took a couple of days away this week and spent some time in Blacksburg.  We stayed at the new Inn at Virginia Tech.  It was nice being right on the campus.  On our ride home we had a conversation about how much things change and how much they stay the same.  We didn’t have cell phones, lap tops, or even email during our college days (I know that makes me sounds really old – it’s only been 13 years ago 🙂 But in so many ways things were very much the same.  The campus has lots of new buildings but in many ways it look exactly the same.  It made me think about how many students had gone through those building since I had been hurrying to class there.  The word speck came to mind.  I realized how tiny I seemed in the scope of the history of that campus.  But we are all Hokies.  I am even more tiny in the scope of God and eternity but I am reminded that He knows every hair on my head and I am not a speck to Him.  We are all His children.  

Back to school time

Some of our local schools have started back to class in the past few days.  Galax City schools won’t go back until after Labor Day so those kids have a few more summer memories to make.  I am struggling with the decision of homeschooling Emma this year.  We have always taken it year by year and child by child with our homeschooling.  I am also not an avid, hard core homeschooler who believes it is the only way.  It is great if you do have that conviction and persistence and I admire homeschooling moms because I know what a tough job it can be.  We do not have the option of a Christian school in our area so my choice there is easier.  I am planning to list the pros and cons of public school vs home school in a future post.  I don’t like to debate the homeschool issue because I feel it is such and individual choice – for each family and each child.  Plus I hate conflict and debating, but I would like to share what I have experienced in my 5 years of homeschooling.  I would also like to hear your comments – loving and non-confrontational, of course.