Do I need a facebook?

I have been thinking about getting a facebook. Is that what you call it “getting” a face book, “starting” a facebook, “creating” a facebook, “being on” facebook, or just “facebooking”. Whatever you call it I can’t decide if I want to spend the time setting it up and keeping it up. I am streched to keep this blog going some weeks. So I guess I am trying to see the benefits of facebook and how much of my time it would take. Tell me what you think. Should I do it? Is it really a good plave to connect with old friends and meet new ones? Would you be my friend? Maybe that’s what it is – I am afraid of rejection and not having any facebook friends!

4 thoughts on “Do I need a facebook?

  1. Is Myspace out of date?? OOPS, that’s the only account I have.
    I”ll have to check it out.
    Will you be my friend too???LOL!

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