Back to school time

Some of our local schools have started back to class in the past few days.  Galax City schools won’t go back until after Labor Day so those kids have a few more summer memories to make.  I am struggling with the decision of homeschooling Emma this year.  We have always taken it year by year and child by child with our homeschooling.  I am also not an avid, hard core homeschooler who believes it is the only way.  It is great if you do have that conviction and persistence and I admire homeschooling moms because I know what a tough job it can be.  We do not have the option of a Christian school in our area so my choice there is easier.  I am planning to list the pros and cons of public school vs home school in a future post.  I don’t like to debate the homeschool issue because I feel it is such and individual choice – for each family and each child.  Plus I hate conflict and debating, but I would like to share what I have experienced in my 5 years of homeschooling.  I would also like to hear your comments – loving and non-confrontational, of course.

2 thoughts on “Back to school time

  1. I’ll be interested in everyones thoughts as well, since I”ve been having a hard time deciding (or I should say “we”) about Gracie and whether to homeschool her or send her on to a public school.
    Jennifer, I think this might be an awesome “outreach” opportunity for Cornerstone…to create a christian school in our area…or maybe I”m only dreaming…Truly, I do wish we had that option close by.
    You all are in our prayers as you make your decision, however, I think Emma was wise above her years w/her response to you about what she wanted to do…

  2. I’ve thought about homeschooling occasionally. I know I’m not suited to it naturally, but would do it if I thought it was the best option for my kiddos. Right now, we have Wyatt in a private Christian preschool… next year, though – who knows?

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