I am here now

Let me know what you think about the new blog.

Today was the last day of school here in Galax.  Emma is out, Luke is finished with homeschooling so SUMMER IS HERE.  I am going to make blogging a part of my summer schedule.  I have lots to share, so I hope you’ll come back.

14 years and counting . . .

I am a day behind but yesterday Mike and I celebrated out 14th anniversary. We have been so blessed beyond what we deserve. Three healthy, active, beautiful children and an amazing marriage that seems so rare these days. It is by far not a perfect marriage, there are no perfect people. We both tend to be selfish, grouchy and impatient some days. I am not always the sweet, respectful wife and Mike is not always the loving, sensitive husband. When the day is done and all our imperfections have risen to the surface we can look back with love and forgiveness knowing that God has put our family together exactly like He planned. I don’t know why God chose me to be his child, or the wife of an amazing man, or mother of 3 blessings but I am so glad he did. As we left Drew’s preschool graduation a couple of weeks ago his teacher told Mike and me that she wished all children had what Drew had -a mom and dad that loved each other and loved Jesus. Even though we don’t get a lot of things right – we have that part right and the rest is left up to Jesus’ grace and forgiveness.