Ghost of Halloween Past

Here are some fun pictures I ran across a few days ago while I was looking for Star Wars costume pictures to send my sister. I love dressing my kids up. This year we have Sharpay (from HSM of course), John McCain (Luke), and a secret service agent (Drew). We’ll be downtown at the Halloween Bash – come by the Cornerstone booth and get some candy!

Awesome video

I saw the “Lifehouse” skit a while back and thought it was awesome. I think there are some rather lame “Christian” skits and dramas out there – not trying to be critical – just saying.
But, I think that this particular skit is very powerful. Here is a video production of the same idea and song. I thought it was amazing and very well done. Check it out.


I found this recipe for Pumpkin Pecan Chocolate Chunk Cookies at one of my favorite baking sites, Bakerella.  Haven’t tried them but they look really yummy.  I think maybe if I make these I won’t eat Halloween Candy.  It’s worth a try

Ladies – listen

I have had a long couple of days – we all have them.  

I knew that Perry Noble at NewSpring was doing a series for woman.  As I stayed up late trying to clean and get caught up I decided I needed a little encouragement.  
This was just too good to keep to myself.  
Go to NewSpring and click on the current series “Beautiful” and listen to the sermon “Me, beautiful?”
“The King is enthralled with your beauty”  Psalm 45:11
Just thought somebody might need to be reminded of that.

Snowman time

It won’t be long before it’s time to take down the scarecrows and put up the snowmen.

Win this adorable snowman print here. Just leave a comment and you’ll be in the drawing.

Weekend fun

We had a busy weekend and it has taken me until today to get caught up. Still not actually caught up but thought I would blog anyway. All work and no play . . .

My sister and her family decided to come up from South Carolina for a quick weekend trip. My kids were thrilled to get to spend time with their cousins. My sister and her husband took advantage of having family around and spent Saturday night and Sunday at a cabin on the parkway for a much needed break. That meant we got to have sleep overs, play, carve pumpkins, play, go on a hay ride and play some more. The Galax Farmer’s market had pumpkin carving Saturday morning so we enjoyed carving pumpkins and leaving the mess there. They were so proud when we lit the Jack o lanterns before bed.

Thankful Thursday

I am thankful for . . . 

1.  Fall – as I was driving home around sunset this week I noticed how beautiful everything looked especially here in the mountains – everything looked like it was on fire.  I love the beach and summer is my favorite time of year but I have to admit you can see the hand of God here in the fall.
2.  Having Emma home for the day today.  It was report card and teacher work day.  She had a great report card and public school is going well so far.
3.  The excitement that is building at Cornerstone.  Come see us this Sunday!!
4.  The way that God is stretching us as our church grows – I pray that we are obedient.
5.  Our life group is meeting tomorrow night!!!  We have had a long break and I am looking forward to getting together.
6.  My wonderful husband who has fallen asleep watching the World Series.  He’s so cute when he’s asleep.  Who can blame him – baseball has got to be the most boring sport ever.
7.  Getting to see my sister and her family 2 weekends in a row.  They are heading to Galax to visit.  My kids are so excited to see their cousins!
8.  The way little boys smell when they come in from playing outside in the cold air.

My weekend

I had a great time this weekend in Charleston with my mom, dad, sister and her family. I left on Friday morning and rode down with my mom and dad – sitting in the backseat of the car reading, talking, listening to my ipod was a big treat. I am used to a car full antsy kids singing “Are we there yet?”
I got to spend some time with my sister, brother in law and niece and nephew on Friday night.
We were up early Saturday to head to the Lowcountry Race for the Cure at Daniel Island. It was pouring the rain! The rain stopped right before time for the race to begin and it was a great experience. Being able to run with my mom and a pink tag on my back in celebration of her life was special – a day I won’t forget. So many people there had said good-bye to their moms, sisters, and friends. I am thankful to have my mom and sister there with me. Here are a few pictures. Yeah – we were that wet!

Pictures of Drew

Drew had some pictures made yesterday at Portrait Innovations.
I have some cute pictures of Emma and Luke hanging in my hallway that I had made when they were 4 years old so I thought Drew needed his space in the art gallery too. I had a hard time choosing and bought way to many pictures but they were all so darn cute. These are some of my favorites.