Thankful Thursday

I am thankful for . . . 

1.  Fall – as I was driving home around sunset this week I noticed how beautiful everything looked especially here in the mountains – everything looked like it was on fire.  I love the beach and summer is my favorite time of year but I have to admit you can see the hand of God here in the fall.
2.  Having Emma home for the day today.  It was report card and teacher work day.  She had a great report card and public school is going well so far.
3.  The excitement that is building at Cornerstone.  Come see us this Sunday!!
4.  The way that God is stretching us as our church grows – I pray that we are obedient.
5.  Our life group is meeting tomorrow night!!!  We have had a long break and I am looking forward to getting together.
6.  My wonderful husband who has fallen asleep watching the World Series.  He’s so cute when he’s asleep.  Who can blame him – baseball has got to be the most boring sport ever.
7.  Getting to see my sister and her family 2 weekends in a row.  They are heading to Galax to visit.  My kids are so excited to see their cousins!
8.  The way little boys smell when they come in from playing outside in the cold air.