One more fun zoo thing

While looking at my zoo pictures I ran across this video of the Galapagos Turtle moving around. What a strange prehistoric looking creature. You gotta listen to Drew’s song in the background. It goes something like this “turtle, t -t-t-t turtle I love you so much I want to marry you”

Drink Coffee Do Good

I am a little sad that I won’t be going to Catalyst this week with my hubby but so is the life of a busy wife and mama. Now that it is getting cooler I wore my long sleeved Drink Coffee. Do Good. that I bought from Land of a Thousand Hills Coffee last year. I always get so many comments on my shirt – because people love coffee and doing good – I guess. Several people have asked me for info on Land of a Thousand Hills Coffee so I thought I would put it here on my blog. After Catalyst last year our church made the switch. It is really good coffee (you gotta try the coconut) and it has a really good cause behind it. Watch this video to see how healing is coming to Rwanda – through coffee. Check out their website for the full story or to order coffee for yourself or your church.

Thankful Thursday

1. My two little ninjas that have been playing in the fall air today and somehow brought a dead tree from the woods into my garage.

2. That Emma is doing great in school and really likes it. She is becoming so responsible and motivated.

3. All the people that have sponsored me for Race for the Cure – thanks!!

4. Getting together with some awesome ladies this week to talk about children’s ministry.

5. Moving into our new facility – I’ll have to post some pictures soon. Greater things are still to be done in this city . . .

6. Even though I hate to see summer go – the leaves are beautiful.

7. A great time at the trail with Mike last night – jogging in the cool air is a little hard on the lungs but my ankle didn’t hurt – yeah!

8. Pumpkin Spice Latte’s from Cones and Coffee – maybe we don’t need a Starbuck’s in Galax after all.

You gotta love 4 year olds

I love something about every age my kids have been (I don’t have teens yet – so you’ll have to ask me about that in a few years.) But there is just something about 4 year olds. The pics are of my kids when they were four. They are old enough to go to the bathroom, feed themselves, sleep all night, and be a little more self sufficient but the still like to cuddle, think their mommy is an angel and say the cutest things.

Drew is turing into quiet an animal lover – which is strange because we are not really animal people. Luke has a bearded dragon and Emma has hermit crabs – not exactly cuddly.

A couple of months ago he had a melt down at the Japenese resteraunt when Emma gave him some of her shrimp and said “Here is a good baby one for you” (it was a tiny little shrimp)

He put it to the side of his plate and kept eating his other food. He then asked me to wrap it up and take it home so that when we went to the beach he could put it back in the ocean and play with it. Why I didn’t just do it and hope he forgot about it – I don’t know. I tried to tell him that it wouldn’t come back to life and it would get nasty and stinky before we went to the beach. He cried and cried and cried. I finally did wrap it up and he forgot about it before we left the resteraunt.

A couple of days ago Luke was reading Drew a book about dolphins and the baby dolphin died (it’s a little facts book) and he cried for several minutes because the baby dolphin died. On the same day Drew caught 3 caterpillers and an earth worm and made a home for them in a couple of rubbermaid bowls of mine. One of the caterpillers escaped and as I was walking in the kitchen I saw it on the floor. I didn’t look at it very well before I said “Drew I found you caterpillar” As he came around to look at it I looked closer and realized there was some yucky stuff running out of it – I had squished it – tears again! He told me I need to watch where I was stepping. Important information if you have loose caterpillars in your house.