Thankful Thursday

1.  A break from the kids outreach that we have been doing this week at the Fiddler’s Convention. It’s wet and rainy this morning – a nice morning to stay in and drink a cup of coffee

2.  All six of the kids in my house this week and the memories they are making.  Stephanie you have some sweet little girls.  Mike says he feels out numbered by females this week.
3. That Luke still has his front teeth after face planting on the concrete when his scooter got a little out of control.
4.  South Carolina peaches
5.  My husband who is turning 35 in 2 days!  
6.  Reservations at the Inn at Virginia Tech next week for a night away with my 35 year old husband.

It’s easy being green

We just started recycling about 3 month ago.  I know it’s bad that I hadn’t been doing it before.  The city of Galax doesn’t make it easy – no curb recycling and the recycle center is not the most pleasant place to go.  We have really cut down on our trash and these bins that I bought at IKEA make recycling easier and more organized.  I have to give some love to IKEA.  I bought these at the Woodbridge VA store and I got three bins and only 1 lid.  It was totally my mistake so I called them after I got home and discovered that I didn’t have the lids.  I really thought I was out of luck because there are no IKEA stores close by (until Charlotte in spring of 09).  I told them my dilema, took some info and said someone would contact me about shipping – never heard anything.  Three days later UPS shows up with my lids!  Do you recycle?  

The big yellow tent is up, the park is full of campers and the blue grass music is in the air.  It is time for the Fiddler’s Convention in Galax.  It’s the one thing Galax is famous for!  I am not a huge blue grass/old time fan but over the years I have earned an appreciation for the traditional music of these mountains.  Tonight kicks things off with the youth competition.  It’s fun to watch little ones with instruments as big as they are pick out Twinkle Twinkle Little Star.  There are also some amazingly talented young people that enter.  We like to take the kids down on youth night because the crowd is low and they enjoy watching people their own age perform.  Check out this link for the week long schedule and ya’ll come on over to Galax!

Shop til you drop

This weekend is tax free in Virginia and North Carolina on back to school stuff.  I am tempted to head to Winston and do some shopping because we are a little limited here.  Plus the thought of Walmart on Fiddler’s weekend scares me.  Anyone else braving the crowds to save a few bucks?