Great things about homeschooling

I am doing this post as much for myself as anyone, but hopefully it will be helpful and create some interesting discussion. I have to tell you before I start that Emma and I went to Galax Elementary and signed her up for fourth grade. Not the greatest experience – kinda like getting a drivers license or registering to vote – sterile and not that friendly or informative. I am hoping the open house next week will impress me.
So, the great things about homeschooling:

  • being with your child – I know alot of parents can’t wait to send their kids back to school but I love having my kids around
  • having control over their curriculum to study what intrests them
  • the ability to customize to their learning styles, strengths and weaknesses
  • being able to travel, take field trips and learn outside the classroom
  • being able to go places while everyone else is in school
  • other homeschoolers (this one will also be on my list of things that are not so appealing about homeschool)
  • having my 3 children help each other learn
  • with Mike’s schedule as a pastor homeschooling is better for his schedule because he is busy on weekends and nights and has a little more free time during the week days
  • watching your children learn – seeing the light bulb go off in their little brains is so rewarding
  • less wasted time – kids waste a lot of time at school
  • ability to do more extra activities and sports because they aren’t so tired from a long day at school
  • not getting out to take them to school when it’s cold
  • being able to do school outside in the fall and spring
  • of course, being able to weave God into every learning experience and feeling free to have God as a part of education

So why am I sending her to public school?

Maybe my next post will answer that. Feel free to comment and add to my list.

One thought on “Great things about homeschooling

  1. So why are you sending Emma to public school????????????????????
    I hope you all feel at peace w/your decision..You’ve been in my thoughts and prayers.

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