My Blog Has Forgotten Me

So my own blog doesn’t know me – I had to sign in. It has been a while! The pictures above show you why I haven’t blogged in a while. It has to do with 3 precious little angels that call me “taxi lady …uh I mean mama”, a growing church, warmer temperatures that draw me outdoors, the laundry monster that lives in my house, PRAISIN’ IN THE PARK, homeschooling a third grader that really wants the school year to be OVER and probably a little bit of poor time management (i.e. facebook!). Anyway, after much persuasion from my techno savy husband I am picking a new blog theme. Soon you will have the new, improved, aesthetically appealing, updated, well maintained! That is for all 2 of my readers that haven’t forgotten that I have a blog – hi mom!

4 thoughts on “My Blog Has Forgotten Me

  1. I check your blog every day. That’s how I can keep up with what you all are doing. I love the pictures, too. Happy Birthday. Love ya. Mama

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