I am home from church today because Emma is sick so I was on our church website and found this cool video that I hadn’t seen before. We had a great time back in July doing a Lemonade stand to raise money for the Crisis Pregnancy Center and we got a visit and radio time from Brian and Linda from Spirit FM! I hope summer comes soon!
Click to watch the video

Man Cold

This is in honor of my husband who has been battling a cold and fever over the past couple of days. He woke up still feeling lousy this morning but hopefully is on the up swing. He really hasn’t been complaining or ringing a bell for me – just thought this was funny. Hope you get better soon Mike!

Hold the loaf?

We had meatloaf for supper (dinner for those who aren’t from southern VA)I asked Drew if he wanted some meatloaf and he said “Me just want the meat – not the loaf” So that’s what he got just meat no loaf!

Cleaning the desk

Don’t you think since we have self-cleaning ovens, freezers that defrost themselves, dishwashers with food grinders, programs that clean up your computer that someone could invent a desk that self-cleans -sorts mail, pays bills, files papers, etc…
For now I guess I’ll just do it the old fashioned way.

Weekend Recap

Hung out with our small group on Friday night and started the Chase the Lion study by Mark Batterson

Saturday basketball all morning both Emma and Luke scored during their games.

Saturday night trip to Lowes for some tile for the bathroom and then Mexican – my favorite- for dinner.

Sunday – after church Emma and I went to Wytheville to see Hannah Montana – the 3D movie – and we had a great time. I love hanging out with my little girl (who is not so little anymore!) Beware if you are planning to see it that ticket prices are $15 each! Hung out for a little bit at a Superbowl Party with the teenagers then took the kidos home and crashed while Mike stayed and finished watching the game.