Weekend recap

Been a while since I posted – weekends fly by so fast around here!

Things I learned this weekend

– ear pain doesn’t necessarily mean an infection
– hell is probably alot like a crowded doctors office waiting room full of coughing people
– sitting for over an hour without seeing the doctor and leaving because of germ – a – phobia saved me $80 and an unnecessary round of antibiotics – time and prayers work better
– we have the most awesome small group in the world
– chasing lions is better than missing opportunities and living a life of regret and “I wish I woulda . . . ” (check out chase the lion)
– watching a little girl break her leg is a horrible helpless feeling even if you don’t know the little girl
– a lot about prayer (i’ll post more about this later)
– there are so many hurting people out there and one Jesus that has the answer – we HAVE TO get busy!
– my husband is an awesome husband, daddy, pastor and youth pastor all rolled into one – he juggled so many roles this weekend and did a great job with all of them
– I have the cutest kids on the planet
– it makes you feel like someone just handed you 5 million dollars when your kids tell you they love you and you can tell they really mean it. Drew told be yesterday that I was the best mommy in the whole entire world – that is priceless.
– being healthy is a blessing

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