A few pictures

I have about zero time to wirte but I am going to put up a few pictures of our trip over the next couple of days. Here are a couple from our eco-tour of the inlets around Isle of Palms and Capers island. We had a great time and learned alot about coastal ecosystems.

3 thoughts on “A few pictures

  1. Ainsley

    That beach was our stop on the eco-tour. It is called Caper’s Island. It is a protected Island close to Isle of Palms and Dewee’s Island. It was beautiful the inlet borders one side and the ocean on the other. They call the part with the trees and driftwood Boneyard Beach. The hurricanes have knocked down most of the Palmettos and the trees that are still standing but dead are the hardwoods. There are Palmetto trunks everywhere too. It’s like natures playground. Drew had so much fun climbing that he cried when we had to leave. Beautiful place.

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