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I just read a statement on Tony Morgan’s blog that I think really hits the nail on the head.  He was talking about being the church.  He asked the question, “If your church closed it’s doors tomorrow, would your community even notice?”  Wow, now that is a question for every church out there.  It’s also a question for ourselves.  I just read the first chapter in Craig Groechel’s book Chazown yesterday and it starts at the end – the end of life.  When you look back on your life were you intentional.  Are you intentional in what you do or are you  keeping it on cruise and trying to just make it through another day.  I think Jesus was intentional about every relationship he had and we should strive to be too.  I am so excited about the door God is opening up for Cornerstone – let’s be intentional about everything we do with the sole purpose of leading people to Jesus.  In a few months I hope Galax can say that there would be a big void in the community without Cornerstone.  Check out Tony’s blog – he says it way better that I can.

One thought on “A question for your church

  1. Thank you for your comment…now I found your blog. You probably noticed I read Tony Morgan and Perry Noble too. Wow…you get to go to one of the conferences! That must be awesome.

    The crazy thing is – some of the statements that are made (such as the one you highlighted) are not really that complex. At the same time it’s definitely shedding light and hopefully catalyzing a re-examination of our hearts. Hopefully many more will start paying attention.

    BTW – don’t like the “new” Pizza Hut pizza either. My family has decided to stick with my homemade pizza!

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