Road Rage

I had something crazy happen on the way home from church today.  I came up on a truck going REALLY slow and I changed lanes into the fast lane to go around him – at about the same time he decided to switch lanes and came over to my side and almost hit me!  I didn’t beep or make any obscene gestures just went about my business – he on the other hand must not have liked the idea of me passing him so he almost came out of his seat shaking his fist at me and showing me his middle finger.  I ignored him until I noticed he was getting really close to my rear bumper and I could see from my rear view mirror that his face was glowing red.  He stayed right behind me and made every turn that I did.  I began thinking –“is he following me”.  As I got closer to my neighborhood I realized he was following me.  We were having a lunch meeting with a few people at our house and I noticed that Shane was behind the man who was following me and on his way to our house so I picked up my phone and started to call Shane and tell him what was going on.  I don’t know if the guy saw me on my phone and was afraid I was calling the cops or if he chickened out but anyway he stopped and turned around.  It’s sad that something so silly can cause someone to get so out of sorts.