Who turned out the lights

7:30am – I had just started my Kitchenaid to mix up some poppy seed muffins when everything went dark and quiet. The power went out with that sound that means it’s going to be out for a while. I had 3 ladies coming over for a meeting about our children’s ministry and now there would be no poppy seed muffins and no coffee – tragedy! It so amazing how much we take for granted electricity – even the garage door didn’t work! Mike had to unhook it to get out of the garage. He was also in the shower when the power went out and learned that our new gas water heaters do not keep working when the power is out. All morning the kids kept flipping light switches and Drew was totally confused – he kept wanting to know who turned the lights out in his room. The power come back on at about 9am just before my company arrived so I finished my muffins and we had coffee!!!! You gotta have coffee when it’s 5 degrees outside.