Milk and bread

I have to admit I went to the store and bought milk and bread.  I am forever laughing about everyone rushing to the store as soon as we get a forecast for snow or ice.  It’s like you will not make it through being snowed in if you don’t have milk and bread.  I actually bought the last loaf of bread on the shelf – only hamburger buns and sub rolls left.  I have been sarcastically saying all afternoon “Guess I better go to the store and get some milk and bread”  so when we walked into the store Drew saw a display of little sugary drinks that caught his eye and he said “tan we buy dis” but before I could say no he said “oh, yeah we buying milk and bread”  He did talk me into a box of poptarts – can’t resist those big brown eyes.  So we have milk and bread – but I did forget to get toilet paper:)  

One thought on “Milk and bread

  1. I am looking for the “toilet paper, bread, and milk” recipe. Does anyone have it? I swear every time the dreaded “S” word is mention in the DC Metro Area, there is a run on the local grocery stores for those 3 items. I’ve naturally come to assume that there’s this fantastic recipe that requires these 3 key ingredients.

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