Converstions with a 3 year old

I had just gotten Drew out of the bath tub this evening and he was bundled up in a towel with a big blanket on him warming up while I was doing some ironing (which if you know me is a VERY rare occasion). I was listening to Mike’s sermon from Sunday because I wasn’t in the service on Sunday and I had paused it while I was getting Drew dried off. Here is the conversation

Me – “I’m going to turn the CD on and listen to Daddy preach while you warm up”

Drew – “Daddy is still a preacher – yes or no? (this is Drew’s funny way of asking a question)

Me – “Yes, Daddy is still a preacher”

Drew – “Oh, me thought him not a preacher”

Me – “He is not an engineer anymore – but he is still a preacher”

Drew – “But preachers hate Guitar Hero. Daddy plays Guitar Hero”

I have no idea where he came up with this one but it gave me a laugh while I was ironing.
I think that maybe I shouldn’t be a preacher wife because I hate ironing and preachers wives have to iron alot!