We had out first snow of the year. About 3 inches fell overnight so the kids got up to a white world this morning. Of course, after what seemed like hours of rounding up gloves, bibs and boots we headed out side for some winter fun. The kids had a blast (Mike included) building a HUGE snowman and throwing snowballs. Luke’s snow tube was a fast ride down the hill. We have a great place to sleigh ride. The kids are big enough now to make it down the big hill, sail through the flat part of the yard and then whiz down to the bottom of the next hill. Here are some pictures. In case you can’t see the details of the snow sculpted masterpiece he has strawberry eyes, a baby carrot nose, coffee bean mouth and of course a VT hat. There is also a picture of the pile of wet snowy clothes that they shed before hot chocolate and Mike and Drew’s cute red noses.