Having sex with the pastor

Hey – I bet that got your attention – (whoa – I hope my mom isn’t reading this -I really hope Mike’s mom isn’t reading this.) When I was thinking of a blog name I jokingly told Mike this is what I was going to name it! Watch this video by Mark Driscoll, pastor at Mars Hill in Seattle, directed to pastor’s wives – every pastor’s wife or friend of a pastor’s wife or just anyone who cares about their pastor’s wife should watch it. Mark Driscoll is a very gifted speaker and I really enjoy listening to him. The main point of the whole video (it’s about 9 minutes long) is that there are people that have expectations for the pastor’s wife to sing, play piano, lead the children’s ministry, take meals to sick people, lead the women’s ministry, etc but God’s main calling on her is to take care of her husband (the pastor) and their family. Lots of people in the church can lead the children’s ministry or sing but only one person can be the pastor’s wife.

pastor’s wife

Here is an article I ran across tonight – I haven’t looked at any of the links yet so I don’t know anything about them – good or bad. I just thought it was interesting that TIME would do an article on it. I haven’t been a pastor’s wife long enough to be that disenchanted with it but I still thought the job description was funny. It shows the stereo types that pastor’s wives face – although I think those are changing – at least I hope so because I can’t do any of that stuff!