A date

Last night I had a date with my husband! I will admit I have read almost every book out there about marriage and know that keeping a regular date night is important but . . . we don’t do it. Not every week or even every month like we are “supposed” to anyway, but we do try to be aware of when we need some time to just be together no cell phones, no kids, no distractions. We had had a long complicated week and it was nice to get a break. My mom and dad kept the kids (thanks papa and nini) and we went to see The Bourne Ultimatum. It was a great movie. We both loved the first two and this one was just as good and action packed with car chase scenes that make you dizzy. I am not a chick flick girl. I really like action movies with lots of twists and turns and complicated plots. I can’t tell you the last time I saw a “girly” movie – I just don’t get into them. I guess I don’t need fantasy romance when I have the real thing!! So we may not keep up the regular date night every week but we do take time for each other every day and keep our marriage a top priority. Sometimes that gets hard when everything is fighting for your time.

Having sex with the pastor

Hey – I bet that got your attention – (whoa – I hope my mom isn’t reading this -I really hope Mike’s mom isn’t reading this.) When I was thinking of a blog name I jokingly told Mike this is what I was going to name it! Watch this video by Mark Driscoll, pastor at Mars Hill in Seattle, directed to pastor’s wives – every pastor’s wife or friend of a pastor’s wife or just anyone who cares about their pastor’s wife should watch it. Mark Driscoll is a very gifted speaker and I really enjoy listening to him. The main point of the whole video (it’s about 9 minutes long) is that there are people that have expectations for the pastor’s wife to sing, play piano, lead the children’s ministry, take meals to sick people, lead the women’s ministry, etc but God’s main calling on her is to take care of her husband (the pastor) and their family. Lots of people in the church can lead the children’s ministry or sing but only one person can be the pastor’s wife.