Random stuff

Just finished ski jumping on the Wii fit.  Think I might have pulled a calf muscle 🙂

Wii have really enjoyed our Wii fit.  The games are fun and active and the kids love it.  Luke is really into the yoga – he’s getting pretty good at some of the poses.
Just switched out a load of laundry and heading to bed.  Planning to get up and go to the Wellness Center Early in the morning so hold me accountable and ask me if I made it.  
One more thing on the laundry.  If you know me you know it is my least favorite chore around the house especially putting it away.  But I bought some new fabric softener that really smells good.  I am not at all into smelly laundry but I like this.  It’s Downy Pure Essentials Aloe and White Lilac.  I can’t believe I just blogged about fabric softener.  I need to go to bed  as soon as I get Mike to stop doing step aerobics on the Wii.   He just got the high score – go Richard Simmons.  I am so in trouble for that one:) 

One thought on “Random stuff

  1. I go to the wellness center, but not till 11ish this week!!

    I will hold you accountable, I need someone to hold me, ha ha.

    So is Richard Simmons going to make any videos now?

    Oh yeah I tried that softner, we all had reactions to it, so if you start getting wierd rashes that could be why.

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