Mommy. I’m bored

Here are 150 awesome boredom busters for summer.  I love it because for most of them you don’t have to go to Michael’s and spend $40 or have an art degree or spend all day in the kitchen or clean up a big mess with these ideas.  Just simple fun things your kids will love.  A great addition to the list is playing in the fountain in Charleston.  Had to throw in this picture from our trip to see my sister in April.  Drew is in the background and my dad made this picture before my wonderful husband soaked me. My favorites from the list are writing on the driveway with ice cubes, catching lightin’ bugs (fireflies for all you yankees), cooking on the grill, putting the pool at the bottom of the slide, family bike rides, washing bikes (this keeps my kids busy for a long time), water balloon fights, swinging on swings, and I’ve never tried it but I think I am up for washing my hair in the summer rain.  What do like to do in the summer?