Bugs, pizza, chilly water and fried green tomatoes

We started off our morning going to the Blue Ridge Parkway for an insect outing with some other kids and a nature guide.  Luke loved every minute of it – Emma and Drew were a little bored by the end – Emma because she’s not to into bugs and Drew because he’s four.

We headed to the Cornerstone Downtown building for pizza with some friends from church and then to the chilly pool.  I don’t know how I always pick pool dates when it rains the night before and brings in cool air and cooler water in the pool.   It has been 90 degrees everyday for the past week and it was 73 and breezy on our pool day.  I like it to be hot when I go to the pool. 
The kids swim team practice was cancelled because of rain and stormy weather so we got to spend the night at home.  I fixed burgers on the grill and fried green tomatoes.  Then we all sat in front of the TV (something we do very little of in the summer) and watched the olympic swimming trials.  Since my kids are swimmers they love to watch the swimming events.  They go get their ribbons and look at the their times compared to the olympic swimmers.  
I love summer and the fresh veggies and herbs.  I got green tomatoes at the farmer’s market and fresh cilantro and dill from my garden.  Here is an easy recipe for fried green tomatoes.
Slice the green tomatoes (they can’t be too ripe or they will fall apart when they cook or if they are too green they will be bitter) Slice them fairly thick so they will not be “floppy” when you fry them
In a bowl beat one egg and about 1/4 cup of water
On a plate put some corn meal
Heat some oil in a frying pan (about 1/2 inch in the bottom of the pan)
Dip the tomatoes in egg and then cornmeal – fry in hot oil turn after about 3 minutes and fry other side – I like mine pretty brown so length depends on how hot the oil is and how brown you like them
Put them on a plate lined with paper towels to soak up some of the oil
Salt to taste and eat them while they are hot
Now here is the kicker
I made a sauce of mayo, water, garlic, cilantro and dill
Put a fried tomato or two on a whole wheat bun with the hamburger and the sauce above 
It is really yummy.  If you are not a meat eater – this is a great way to make a fried green tomato sandwich – just leave off the burger.
Great summer supper in the south.