I am a jotter now

I guess I can’t give Mike a hard time about his tech nerdiness. I signed up for Jott last night and it is very cool. You call the toll free number, choose a contact and then say your message and it converts it to a text and an email message to that person. No more using thumbs to text and you can send emails on the go. Mike and Boni are the only ones in my contacts list. Boni signed up this morning too so we have been “jotting” each other. Mike stopped at the grocery store last night so I “jotted” the list to him. It needs a southern accent feature to choose because there were a few things that it totally messed up. I said “cheese – the pizza kind” and it texted “cheese and pizza corn” it also called my husband a b&$%#rd when I tried to say “last one”. He said he laughed out loud in the grocery aisle as he read that one. I guess I am going to make sure I speak clearly and try to loose the accent when I Jott.

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