My husband is a twitter

Ok, as if blogging isn’t enough to keep everyone “connected” Mike is now using twitter. Twitter is a strange tool that is like a mini blog and you can keep track of what other people are doing throughout the day. I have been giving him a hard time about it but I knew when I married him that he was a tech nerd. Maybe that’s why I married him to keep all my tech stuff running (and maybe a few other reasons too 🙂 I do have to admit that after looking at Twitter it could be a lot of fun. Are there any twitter chicks out there or any that want to give it a try? Maybe we could be Twitter Mama’s together. Or maybe mama’s don’t have time to twitter. Let me know if you are a Twitter.

One thought on “My husband is a twitter

  1. I am …lol. But I haven’t used because I know no one else on it, lol. I first heard about it because of a blogger I love to keep up with.

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