Cheap hotel for WIBO

I am really picky – spoiled – is probably a better word – when it comes to hotels. I don’t like old hotels or dirty hotels or outside entrance hotels or mom and pop hotels – you get the idea. We are going to Reston in a couple of weeks for WIBO and I had been putting off making reservations because I had looked around a little bit but everything in Reston is really expensive for us non-NOVA people that aren’t used to the high prices up there. I had read on Ben Arment’s blog (the organizer of WIBO) that had cheap prices but you don’t know what you are getting until after you book and you can’t cancel. I was a little worried but I decided to be dangerous and live on the wild side a little. We got a room for $69 at the Holiday Inn at Dulles – doesn’t look great but fine. We won’t be able to leave Galax until about 8pm because the kids have an awards night we don’t want to miss so we will only be at the hotel for a few hours of sleep and a shower. I also reserved a room at a nice Country Inn and Suites in Woodbridge for Thursday night so we can be at Potomac Mills bright and early Friday morning without fighting the traffic. I am excited about WIBO and the Ladies Lunch and picking up our furniture for Cornerstone downtown at IKEA.

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  1. Thats up in my neck of the woods…I love Potomac Mills..You’ll have fun.
    We are going to Charleston at the end of the Month and I’ve done the same thing, putting off booking a room. Last week I got on Hotwire as well and got a 165 a nite room for 89 at a was a little scarry, I am just like you when it comes to hotels.
    Good luck =)

  2. I’ll give you some Charleston tips (my sister lives there) and you can give me some NOVA tips. We will have to get together and go to the playground when Gracie is feeling better

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