Happy Bday to Drew??

Today I did what everybody in Galax does at least twice a week. I went to Walmart! Emma and Luke had swim practice so Mike took them to the rec center (by the way – a shout out to Mike – he has been going and working out while they swim) . So I took advantage of having only one child to drag through the grocery store and did some shopping. For some reason, I have no idea why, Drew decided that it was his birthday tomorrow. His birthday is in APRIL!! Here is how my shopping trip went

Drew : Mommy, me need to get tuff for mine party
Me: What party?
Drew: Mine birthday party in the morning
Me: Drew, it’s not your birthday tomorrow
Drew: Yes it is
Me: Your birthday is in April
Drew: In da morning is April

I decide to ignore him now because you really can’t reason with a 3 year old who has decided that tomorrow is his birthday. Surprisingly, we didn’t have any breakdowns or tantrums when we didn’t buy cupcakes or Pirates of the Caribbean plates and napkins. I did buy a box of Pirates of the Caribbean gummy snacks and he said “dat be great for mine party” I just laughed and kept pushing my buggy through Walmart.
I began thinking about how outrageous it was for him to suddenly jump forward 6 months on the calendar and plan a birthday party that wasn’t going to happen. If I would have gotten a pack of birthday plates and napkins and a dozen cupcakes and we would have had a “party” for him instead of waiting until April for his real 4 year old party that would have been stupid. Letting a 3 year old set the date and plans would be a disaster. Isn’t that so much like us as Christ followers. We get our feeble plans ready and tell God what we are going to do. Like Drew we throw a few things together and call it a party because we want it now and we want it our way. I love throwing bday parties for my kids and I know that Drew’s party in April will be a lot better than a pack of birthday plates and generic cup cakes from Walmart. I can also guarantee that what God has planned for us is way better than anything we can come up with. I am going to stop settling for the Walmart cupcakes and get ready for the big party. That’s a lot harder said than done for a control freak like me. I am a slow learner but God is teaching me that I have to expect big things from Him and trust Him to follow through and not take things into my own hands because I don’t think He is doing it fast enough or in the right way. Doing it my way shows how incapable I am but when God does something only He can do -it brings all the glory to Him – so I’ll take His way. God is who He says He is – God can do what He says He can do – I’m believing God!