Things I am excited about . . . .
Fall – you may think what? I thought you loved summer but I do like the cool air and beauty of the leaves this time of year and we are going on a few field trips taking the kids to Maybry Mill for Fall Days on Friday and to the Orchard and Pumpkin Patch in a couple of weeks

School – I love new books and getting organized and hopefully this will be a good full week of school since we have settled down from vacation

Teenagers – I can see that God is getting ready to do some awesome things at Cornerstone and I am thankful to be a part of it. We are talking about what to do as we run out of space here at our house – we want to think ahead and not limit what God is doing because we don’t have a place to meet

A Baby Shower – We are having a baby shower for Boni and Baby John on Saturday! I love babies – he is soooooo sweet!

Catalyst – Mike and I are heading to Atlanta Oct 3-5. I am looking forward to hearing some great speakers but really looking forward to the awesome worship time. I am also planning on practicing my spiritual gift of shopping at Lenox Square – they have a Crate and Barrell and even Mike will be happy there because there is an Apple store. Seriously – I am excited most of all for the chance to hear from God and seek His direction.

24– Hi I’m Jennifer and I am a 24 addict. Mike and I are watching the first season on DVD and I can’t wait to see what happens next!

Our new Cornerstone Kids – we have some really cool stuff coming for Cornerstone kids – starting October 14th

Things I am not excited about . . .
Football – Mike is watching football and I just don’t get it

Winter – it’s cold and I just don’t get that either. Cornerstone Youth ya’ll are going to have do some serious sweet talking to get me to plan a ski trip – I think hell will be a lot like skiing – except it’ll be hot – that makes no sense but I hate being cold!

School – This was in my excited about list too – but if you know me or if you homeschool you will know how school can be hard to get done each day – especially around Christmas time.

Organizing my mess – I thought all summer that I was going to get organized and it is fall and I am STILL NOT getting it together. I guess when you have 3 little ones you never get it together.

Getting back to the real world – It is time for me to leave the make believe land of blogging and go put up laundry – I am really not very excited about laundry!!!