Camping in a heat wave – who’s idea was this?

Have you ever slept in a sauna – with 3 kids and a husband.  Well, I have now.  We went camping at Fairy Stone State Park Thursday and Friday – it was in the 90’s both days without much cooling down at night.  Mike had a thermometer on his sleeping bag (I know – you can tell he’s an Eagle Scout!) and it was 85 in the tent at 10pm.  We still laughed and giggled while trying to go to sleep and roasted s’mores over the hot campfire and had a great time.  The kids loved playing in the lake.  They have an area of the beach roped off for kids that has giant floating lilly pads, logs, snakes, turtles and frogs for them to play on.  Their are also paddle boats and canoe rentals.  If you want a nice place for a family camping trip I recommend it.  It is in the middle if no where – but that’s what you want when you camp.  You’ll have to read the legend of the Fairy Stone to find out where the park gets its name.  We went to the hunt site and spent a while looking for Fairy stones and found a few but none that were quiet as dramatic as the ones on the website or we saw in the display at the park.  It was still fun to look and the woods where the hunt site is was beautiful – it looked like a place for fairies.  After a hot 40 minutes on a paddle boat we decided to skip the hike and head back toward home and stop at the candy factory.   You can’t go wrong with chocolate!