Camping with friends

I just got back today from spending a couple of nights at some cabins close by with 3 friends and all our kids. It was a great 3 days of fun before we all have to get back into the routine of school. The kids had a blast!! They played in the pool, fished in the lake, rode the water slide and just had fun being kids. They stayed up to late, ate more junk food than usual and got grouchy but no harm done – a little too much sugar and not enough sleep can’t hurt every now and then. When you put all our kids together there are 11 incredible little squirts from age 3 to 8 (and one more on the way in about 2 months!) We moms had a great time to sitting out amoung the misquitos every night talking about everything from childbirth to church and everything in between. It was really good for me to be with these other moms and see how similar our struggles are. We all are in the same stage of life and can really relate to each other. We shared our fears of raising children in a fallen world and the joy that comes from knowing no matter how fallen this world is God is still in control. I am reading Vickie Courtney’s book Your Girl and am learing that my children are God’s and He has given me the privilage to raise them. It would be an impossible and terrifying job without Jesus at the center of everything. It would also be much harder without woman like Andi, Dee Dee and Stephanie in my life. We all come from different churches and backgrounds but we share the same Jesus and that is a bond that cannot be broken. Thanks girls for an awesome time and those late night chats about 12 little lives that might just change eternity one day!