Saving a baby bird

Last night after dinner the kids and I were sitting outside on our front porch and I decided to water my hanging baskets. They were looking a little pitiful after a week of neglect because of our week long Summer Blockbuster. There has been a birds nest in one of the baskets for about a month. As I watered it 2 birds flew out and almost took Luke’s head with them. I guess the sight of my big red water spout scared them. We heard a little chirpy noise close by and began to look around. I saw a bird in the bush just below the basket. Emma began walking over to the bird and reached her hand out and touched it! We were amazed that it didn’t fly away. As I looked more closely we realized it was a baby bird from the nest above and it couldn’t fly. After looking at it for several minutes and trying to decide what to do, Emma was determined to pick it up – she tried but as it squirmed she dropped it down the the ground and I picked it up and carried it back to it’s nest to join it’s brother or sister. We stayed on the porch for a little while waiting to see what would happen. I told the kids to go in and watch out the window as the mom came back. We had only been in for a few minutes when we saw 2 birds come back ( the mom and dad I assume). They did the funniest dances of hopping in and out of the nest and chirpping. They were talking to each other and trying to make sure the nest was safe. They all finally settled into the hanging basket and we went on with our evening. I have wondered since then – why the parents flee and leave their babies when danger is close. Why don’t they stay and fight -or at least take the babies with them. The last thing I would do if I sensed danger in my home is bolt and leave my kids behind. I am sure that the birds were keeping an eye on the nest from a distance because they came back as soon as the danger was gone. I am sure in the animal world there is a reason for the mom’s leaving the babies behind. I am glad we could help the baby bird and see the little bird family safely back together. I wonder if that mama bird knew that her “enemy” turned out to be a friend that put her little one back in it’s nest?