Saturday Swimming

I woke up around 3am with a really yucky sick feeling – don’t know if it was the hotdog at Bible school or the grilled Oreo’s – thanks Faith for the new trend. Joey the master griller could flip Oreo’s like nobody’s business! Anyway – I was up for a while so Mike let me sleep in this morning and got Emma and Luke off to their last home swim meet. He’s such an awesome husband – he even found Luke’s swim trunks that had been missing since the last meet. I got up when Drew did and he and I headed to the pool so Mike could study for preaching tomorrow. Emma swam an awesome freestyle for the relay team – her coach told her it was the best she had done all season – she was beaming! Luke did a great job on his 50meter freestyle – only the second time he has swam a 50 at a meet – getting faster every time. One more swim next weekend in Elkin for the Conference Meet.
Can’t believe summer is almost at an end. I feel like it has flown by. Not at all ready to start school again but I guess it’s about that time. I better start ordering some material. If you are interested in homeschool sights check these out –rainbow and sonlight and for math and for handwriting. I will blog about homeschooling soon. I might include a few things I shared with my friend Diana – an avid homeschooler about why I don’t intend to homeschool for much longer. My school age kids are entering 3rd and 2nd grade and I have loved having them at home but . . .. I will save all that for later. If you are wanting to read blog posts by a hardcore homeschooler you might want to pick another one to read.

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  1. Hi Jen, I was looking to see if anyone posted swim conference pictures and come to find out you have a BLOG. Very nice, read some of Mike’s, too. Remind me to tell you about Jones’ soda.

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