How fast the years go!

Yesterday as I was out with the kids to dentist appointments, haircuts and grocery shopping I had a few reminders of how fast things change. First, Drew and I went into the optometrist office to pick up MIke’s contacts while Luke was in the dentist. There were a couple of middle aged ladies in there that commented on how cute Drew was so I said “thank you” and continued to talk to the receptionist. Their conversation turned to how they missed having little ones around. They both had grown children. One of them said, “When they are little they can be a lot of work, but when they are grown they just step on your heart.” The other lady agreed and said “When they are little they step on your toes, when they grow up they step on your heart.” I hope I never identify with them on that one.
Next, after school I took Emma to get her haircut. The lady in the chair beside her was admiring her new ‘do and told her she looked like a teenager. She asked her how old she was and Emma told her ten, and she said, “well, I think you could pass for 13.” Not exactly what a mom wants to hear.
After leaving the hair salon, we headed to Walmart for the kids to spend their Christmas gift cards and get some groceries. When we came out it was cold and windy and we were rushing to get into the van. Drew was a few steps ahead of me as we looked for the car and as I found it I said “There it is, let’s go”. Drew started to run across and I grabbed him just as a car came way to fast down the lane we were parked in. It was a close call, but didn’t really hit me until last night as I went to bed. I thanked God a little more sincerely and hugged my kids a little more tightly last night. Cherish your little ones today.