A new toy for me!

I was dreading the daunting task of bill paying today, but it turned out to be rewarding. I clicked on a little link from the Wachovia Credit Card page that took me to the rewards page. Turns out I had enough points to get a 16G iPod touch!! I am so excited. Mike got a touch with a couple of Apple gift cards that he got for Christmas and I have loved using it to check email, read blogs,and look up recipes from anywhere in the house – not to mention the music and movie downloads. My 3 year old iPod nano has been giving me problems for a while so this is definitely an upgrade. I am usually not so excited about “techy” stuff but who doesn’t get excited when it’s free.

Disclaimer: this is not a promotion of credit cards – we have a little bit of a balance – but not a huge one. Most of the charges that earned me points were paid off monthly. You shouldn’t put stuff on the card just to get points – you’ll wind up paying for it in intrest and late fees. I still think Joe Sangl and Dave Ramsey have the right idea! Debt free is the way to be. We’re workin on it!!

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