Thankful Thursday

Well, it’s almost Thursday so I am going to go ahead with my list.  If I were white and nerdy like my hubby I would know how to make this post tomorrow morning.

1.  The smoky smell in my house from making smores with the kids tonight.  It felt like camping, sitting on a blanket by the fire while the kids caught lightening bug – actually better than camping because I can sleep in my bed.
2.  Catching up with old friends from our Snow Hill Youth Group days at Jordan and Kody’s wedding.
3.  Squirting Mike and hearing my kids laugh at the bumper boats at Celebration Station in Greensboro.
4.  Eleven people that followed Jesus’ command in baptism on Sunday!  May God continue to bless Cornerstone
5.  Hiking with our amazing teens at Pilot Mountain on Tuesday.  You guys are the best even if you did saran wrap the car and put fishing line all over the driveway 🙂
6. The awesome opportunity to talk to our teenage girls about purity on our retreat next week.  Not to mention we are retreating at the beach.  I am always thankful for the beach!
7.  Ok I have to say it.  I am thankful for laundry.  It is overtaking my house today but we have nice clothes to wear and a nice washer and dryer and a house with closets to hang it all in.
What are you thankful for?

4 thoughts on “Thankful Thursday

  1. Can you tell us more about your homeschooling group? Do you meet weekly? Where? For what ages? We will be new to homeschooling this year. Thanks!

  2. Loved your list! I never thought about being thankful for laundry… I used to be with all the “small” clothes that I put away nearly everyday; it can be fun and I’m very thankful that we have a place to put them all 🙂 Thank you for reminding me! I also posted a “Thankful List” today 🙂

  3. Hey, when were you in Greenboro? I spent a couple days there on my journey the past 2 weeks.=) I went to UNCG… so I love going back for visits.

  4. Anonymous – are you in the Galax area – email me and I can give you some info

    Anna – I miss those days of folding baby clothes too – my “baby” is 4 years old.

    Ainsley – we were in Greensboro for a wedding that Mike officiated (actually it was in High Point)but we were there for the rehersal on Friday (July 11th and the wedding was on July 12th) It was an evening wedding so we had the whole day on Saturday to hang out together. Celebration Station is on Wendover right off of I-40. It’s very Chucky Cheese inside – loud and crazy – but the bumper boats were fun for my kids. Emma and Luke were old enough to ride alone and Drew rode with Mike. We were all SOAKED so my curls were a little fizzed for the wedding but it was worth it! I love the Winston/Greensboro area too – we head down there alot. We had lunch at Chipotle on Wedover after the boats too – can’t beat their guacamole! Small world we might have been passing through at the same time:)

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