Weekend recap

We all know how much there is to do when you get home from a trip and I woke up with a yucky stomach bug about 3am.  Feeling better now but really needed today to get caught up.  Here’s a recap of the craziness.

Wednesday night we attended the kids Awana awards night at my Mom and Dad’s church.  Emma and Luke had been memorizing verses and going to Awana meetings since October and they both had worked so hard and both got Awana clubber of the year.  I was so impressed with how much they have learned.
We left straight from the Awana night and drove to Reston, VA (about 320 miles).  Got to our hotel at about 2:30am and caught a few hours of sleep and headed over to Wibo early on Thursday morning.  Met some great ladies while we helped with check-in and at the Ladies Luncheon that Ainsley organized.  Jennifer Antonucci had an honest, from the heart message to pastor’s wives.  Looking forward to reading her blog.  There were also some great speakers at WiBo that encouraged us to keep seeking God in this whole church thing and a new passion for seeing the lost find Jesus.
After Wibo we had dinner with my uncle Larry and my cousins.  They live a few miles away in Maryland.  Great dinner at Morton’s Steak House.
Then we drove to Woodbridge to spend the night so we could be ready to hit IKEA Friday morning.  We had ordered a BUNCH of stuff for our new downtown building.  It was and ALL Day affair at IKEA – we were exhausted but had a nice ride back.  We always enjoy talking on long car rides.  
That’s a recap of our trip – I like to visit new places and travel but I love being home.  I missed my kids.

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