My Hero

We have had our eye on a Nintendo Wii for a couple of months so we went ahead and ordered one a few weeks ago, knowing that it would be harder to find as Christmas got closer. Every night Mike and I would anxiously wait until the kids were asleep and sneak the games out and play them. After about a week of sneaking we decided to go ahead and let the kids in on the fun. We decided it was more of a family gift and that Mike and I were going to enjoy it as much as the kids. They have really had a great time with it. I was in Walmart last week and they just happened to have Guitar Hero for the Wii so I bought it thinking it would make a great present for my wanna be rock star husband. Since we decided to come clean and go ahead and let the kids have the Wii I couldn’t wait until Christmas to give Mike the Guitar Hero so he has been rocking out every night in the living room with a little plastic guitar. I gave it a try and it really is alot of fun. I don’t think I am coordinated enough to be a guitar hero but it’s fun trying.