Labor Day Thoughts

I can’t believe it’s this close to the end of summer. I have to admit,even though I am a HUGE fan of summer, it has been nice to have some cool nights for the last few days. We had a nice day with our friends Fred and Stephanie and their girls. We cooked hamburgers, played badmitton and horseshoes all of the normal Labor Day stuff. Thanks guys for the good food and laughs. Labor day makes me think of lots of things

  • labor – you can never think of the word labor in the same way after you have had a baby. Emma actually came home from the hospital on labor day – nine years ago!!! My little girl will be 9 in a couple of days.
  • THE BEACH- we always go to the beach for a week after labor day with my mom and dad. Since we home school we don’t have to worry about getting the kids out of school and the rates really drop so it’s cheaper and not as crowded. This year we are going to Isle of Palms, SC (probably my favorite beach – even though I love them all). We also get to see my sis and her family because they live close by in Charleston!!! The kids are SOOOO excited to play with their cousins.
  • School – I have very mixed feelings about this one – I hate the end to the freedom of summer – no bedtime, no schedule but at the same time I do crave the organization and schedule that comes with getting back into the swing of school. I also LOVE getting all our books for school. I got 3 boxes of books last week and it was like Christmas! Now I just have to get it all organized and ready to jump into when we get back from the beach.
  • The end of summer – Like I said before I do love summer and dread the cold winter ahead but fall is beautiful in our part of the state. I look forward to riding bikes with my hubby on the trail. Even thought I am not a huge football fan Mike is so I do like cuddling up with him on the couch to watch some Hokie football and of course God is a Hokie beacuse the leave turn Maroon and Orange this time of year!

That’s about all my brain can handle tonight I am ready for some sleep!