A day with Emma

Emma and I had a great day on Friday. For mother’s day she got me a certificate for her and me to go to Spaladida for a mom and daughter day. We had a great time just talking on the drive down and we ate lunch at Cold Stone Creamery. Nothing like ice cream to start off our day!! We went over the the mall to do a little shopping – OK actually we did a lot of shopping. It was tax free weekend so we had to take advantage of that!! We got some really good deals and lots of fall clothes for her and the boys. I hardly ever buy anything unless it is on a big sale and there were plenty of sales. We probably did the biggest bargin shopping at Old Navy – we had the stuff it in the bag and save 20% deal – so we stuffed the bag full! After our shopping we went to the spa. It was alot of fun. We got manicures, pedicures, hair and makeup. I skipped the makeup but had my hair put in a twist. Emma got sparkle blue nails, purple toenails with little jewels, a cute little updo with pink glitter and eyeshadow, sparkle lips and little cloud stickers beside her eyes. She was adorable and smiled the whole time (except when they used the file on her nails – she hates that) I recommend it for any mom/daughter outing or it is a great place for birthday parties for “tweens”. I can’t believe I have a “tween” already. Emma will be 9 in about a month and I am still in shock sometimes when I look at her and think “where is my baby”. She is a wonderful little girl and I am very blessed to be her mom. I tell my kids all the time that I am so glad that God let me be their mom. I don’t deserve them. Here are a few pics of our evening. It will be one I will never forget and I hope she doesn’t either. I would like to freeze her but I am learning there is something special about every age and when you finally figure out your parenting for one phase they move on to another and you have to start all over again! It’s an adventure. I love being a mom.