sweaty eyeballs

If you live in the south east you know it has been a warm few days. We had been outside a few days ago and Drew said “Mine eyeballs is sweaty” That’s pretty hot when your eyeballs sweat.
I LOVE hot weather. I love summer and I hate winter so today has been exactly what I like. We did get a little sticky and drained doing the kids camp at the Fiddler’s Convention today and I have to admit the air conditioning at home felt pretty good. One thing I do love about living in the mountains is that when it is really hot during the day it almost always cools down at night. It’s still a little muggy out but comfortable. Our VBS for the fiddle kids is going really well. Shout out to Hannah and Brittany for doing such an awesome job with the music! We only have a handful of kids but it is great to see churches pull together and minister to the families and kids that are visiting our town.