Snow Cream

When I was a little girl my Mama and Granny used to always help my sister and me make snow cream. It brings back good memories of my Granny when I smell the vanilla and sugar. I can even remember the big orange plastic bowl we used when we made snow cream at her house.

Here are pictures of my kids making snow cream and a quick how to if you have never made it.
(PS – if you think it is gross to eat snow you are missing it – live a little – just get the snow from the middle and don’t eat the yellow kind 🙂

First – it has to snow – there is no way to substitute for real snow so you just have to pray for snow – and you probably should pray for several inches so your not eating muddy snow

Second – get a big bowl of snow
(as said above – from the middle – avoiding yellow snow)

The ingredients- pure and simple – milk, sugar and vanilla extract

Find some cute kids to stir it all up – I don’t know how much of each but here is a guess – start with 3/4 cup of milk, 2 capfuls of vanilla and 1/2 cup sugar – add more milk if it needs to be thinner – more sugar if it needs to be sweeter – all depends on how much snow you have

When it’s done it will be like “melty” ice cream