Why the world would be a better place it we were all teenagers

I have always thought that teenagers get pegged as the menaces of society and blamed for the decline of our country. I couldn’t disagree more. Here are some reasons we should all take a lesson from teenagers.

1. Fun is a high priority. They don’t take life so seriously that they forget to have fun.

2. They greet each other with hugs, high fives, fist pounds and tackles.

3. A teenagers mind is still like a sponge. They haven’t formed opinions about everything and if they have they are willing to listen to other opinions. (one reason why youth ministry and good influences and mentors are so important to teenagers)

4. They don’t mind asking for advice and taking it. They are willing to share their imperfections and weaknesses. So many adults like to pretend that everything in their life is perfect.

5. They travel in groups. We could all learn a lesson from this about how much friendship means.

6. Teens dream and dream big.

7. If everyone were teenagers all the cars would have dents and scratches and we would just laugh when we got more dents and scratches and tell the story about how it happened with drama.

8. They ask questions and find answers. “Just because we have always done it that way” – isn’t a good enough answer.

9. Teenagers believe they can make a difference – and many of them do.

10. They don’t have programs, committees and agendas. They do have passion, creativity, spontaneity, and compassion. Which would you rather have?

Thanks to all the teenagers I have been able to hang out with over the past 12 years of youth ministry. My life is better because of the lessons you have taught me.

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  1. Jenni, I love you and you rock!
    Thank you and Mike for being such awesome youth leaders!

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