Peace Like a River

I really enjoyed the second read of the Hoochee Book Club. This wasn’t a suspense filled book that begged me to pick it up every time I walked past. It was more like a cup of coffee by the fire with an old friend. An honest friend. The writing style was so genuine and authentic I felt like I was with family. Reuben was a wonderful character to tell the story. From his miraculous entry into this world and his special insight into his father’s “miracles” I felt instantly connected to him. I loved the Biblical references to scripture and stories from the Bible. This was a great story about faith and family. Although there was tragedy in the end, there was also peace. I guess that’s why Peace like a River is a great title for this book. No matter what circumstances come our way, there can always be peace when you believe in something bigger than yourself. This book wasn’t written to be a “christian” book to be sold in “christian” bookstores but I came away with an awe of God and a sense that miracles happen – as Reuben would say “make of it what you will.”

2 thoughts on “Peace Like a River

  1. I felt the same way….very comfortable and easy as I read it!!! It really was like I was in the home of a very old and dear friend, and listening to their story!

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